My Girl: Gettin' After It!!

My Girl: Gettin' After It!!
My truck on her maiden voyage in Moab 2012

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

G.O.N.E. Moab Day 2~ Secret Spire

I might never finish this trip recap. This is actually pretty deplorable. There's been a lot going on in the world. Normally offroading and writing about offroading...and dreaming about offroading have been my escape. And there's nothing wrong with a bit of escapism. However, as of late, I've felt compelled to remain dialed in and I've been doing some stuff in the community. Anyway, I still roll around town in the truck. And on a night like tonight where the wife and kid are visiting relatives, I was able to come home after happy hour, pay some bills, and review some notes. So here we go.

I anticipated that doing Hell's Revenge right out of the gate on Day 1 might be a bit much for our group. The only easier alternative was a skills day of sorts at a nearby offroad recreation area. As it turns out, the proprietors of that particular park took exception to it being characterized as a 'baby day' and from I'm told, they upped the ante considerably for those participants that wheeled there. Not knowing that, Hell's Revenge was the next easiest option (and by no means was it "EASY") available that day. Day 2 however was decidedly a cake walk by comparison which we were all happy to enjoy.

Secret Spire offers just enough technical terrain to maintain your interest without requiring white knuckling the steering wheel as you make your way through.

 Our group assembled at what used to be the North Shell station. I think it is a Chevron now.

Derrick Metz was our trail leader; Maddy and I were behind him for a good chunk of the day on Hell's Revenge. He bestowed on me the distinct honor of inviting me to tail-gun for our group. I humbly accepted. 

Although the truck is pretty well built, admittedly he said the request was less based on my off road trail prowess and more on the fact that he knew I enjoyed chattering on the radio and would be communicative/responsive when relaying messages and providing confirmations of progress. Fair enough. 

 So Maddy and I cruised along at the rear of the group.

 I really thought the truck would stand out more, but it is doing a decent job of picking up some of the desert palette here.

 This was one of those sections where I was pretty impressed that I had gotten the truck up here previously when it was very nearly in stock form 4 years prior. I guess I had a little bit more nerve than I previously gave myself credit for. Or maybe I lost a bit. There were a couple of minor, topsy turvy kind of moments as the little ascent switched back and forth before getting up to this point. I also have a bit more body roll these days than I did then.

 One of the few times that Maddy actually looked into a camera.

 Sometimes I insert myself in the photos just to identify who is the person associated with the truck.
 Compared to the day prior, I actually got out of the truck a good deal more for pictures.
 It was also a bit easier being last in the convoy knowing that I wouldn't be holding anyone else up.

 Clearly a moment where it felt more pronounced but then the photo looks rather tame.

 Here's a 4Runner. It took the place of another one that we left back home on the East Coast.
 It was a bit of a sleeper, which I enjoyed and respected. All of the stock suspension components had been swapped out for new, sexy control arms along with a 3" extended travel kit. Very tastefully done without a bunch of pomp and circumstance.

 Reasonably sure this is Mario's rig (although it's been months since the trip now). He and his FIANCE' (he proposed at some point along the trip) were with us yesterday and again on this day. They are a nice couple from NY that we were happy to be able to spend some time getting to know over the course of the few days out there.

Another cool factoid that happened, which I have no photos of and thus no proof to substantiate, also involved this couple.

We were riding into town after Hell's Revenge the day before and I saw what looked like the Expedition Overland 4Runner parked in town. I figured it was either a copy cat with a nice wrap on it, or maybe, just maybe it was some producer assistant that was out there maybe for a photo shoot. We were on our way to dinner and it was on the opposite side of the street. For an instant, I thought of whipping the truck around and parking next to it for a photo. I'm kicking myself for not doing so. Mario and his fiance saw them at some point as well and did stop. As it turns out, it was the wives of the two main guys and they had just finished a training run with a new team member out on one of the trails. They talked with Mario and a few others for like 15 minutes, took pictures, the whole nine. And your boy missed out because he was thirsty. Poor life decision on my part. Oh well.

 No other pups were in sight; so, Maddy was able to romp to her heart's content.

 These are the mandatory photos which are to be taken along the trail.

I very nearly neglected to add any photos from the Spire itself. It wouldn't have even been intentional, like I was keeping it a secret or something.

 Second visit. Hence the two fingers.
Travis was around here somewhere.
 Back at air-up spot.
 On the way back to town.

The pictures from Day 3 and on get better. It's less of a "ME Fest" with the photos. I think. No promises.