My Girl: Gettin' After It!!

My Girl: Gettin' After It!!
My truck on her maiden voyage in Moab 2012

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A Place for the Legacy Content.

Aurora Lights Review courtesy of
Still running these in the fog light position on my bastardized bumper on the Frontier.

First Pass at the Dual Battery System
This has been revised a few times, but this was the first foray into running auxiliary power.

Early concept of the Hidden Winch
Man this had a lot of promise. And then I saw a lady that hit a deer and decided I wanted more metal up front...

...And another attempt at salvation
...and I over-corrected in terms of shear weight and strain on the front frame horns. It was at least eye-catching :)

That whimsical time I 'built' a cargo basket
This actually wasn't a bad effort. Very stout. It was just too heavy to be practical. It did support my first trip to Moab and held up to the rigors.

A Suspension Ago...
The Old Man Emu setup that served me well on those early adventures.

Adventures in Body Lifting
Ultimately, this helped me clear 35s. But back in the day, it was all I could do to give more appearance of lift after the 2" suspension had minimal aesthetic effect. (It was good for ground clearance, but people always asked me, "When ya gonna put a lift kit on that truck?")

Putting on the snorkel
I like it for looks. It also helps my truck not drown...on many occasions.

This was a poor life decision...
Trying to be like the Jeep guys and mount the jack to the hood.

Aww, what a quaint little solar system...
I was excited about 15Watts; now I'm running north of 100Watts.; my first sponsor
These guys came through big and provided my first Yellow-top Optima. I ordered a lot of my early accessories from there and still source them first for general accessories.

This one cool time I got free tires...
Nitto ran a promotion on ClubFrontier asking for folks interested in testing out a set of their tires. I wrote a well-articulated argument for why I'd be an excellent test driver of their Terra Grapplers. I must have been pretty convincing, 'cause a set of 4 showed up at my door a month or so later.

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